Meet Some of Our Team

Adams Drugs Central on Adams Ave

Vivienne Wilson Vivienne Wilson, RPh.
Xavier University 1993

Vivienne enjoys communicating with her customers about their health conditions and interacting with them is the most rewarding aspect of her job.  Vivienne also loves her support staff and co-workers.

Logan Waters, PharmD Logan Waters, PharmD
Auburn University 2008

"I love working for Adams Drugs because it gives me the opportunity to truly work one on one with our patients to improve their health, well being, and overall quality of life."

Ann Pemberton Ann Pemberton, RPh.
Auburn University 1997

The best part about being an Adams Drugs Pharmacist is the attention to detail we can give to our customers and the relationships we establish with them.

Adams Drugs Chantilly Corners

Connie Pouncey, RPh. Connie Pouncey, RPh.
Auburn University in March 1983

"I like working at Adams Drugs because we make serving our customers and community the number ONE priority. I consider it a privilege to say, "I am a Pharmacist at Adams Drugs".

Adams Drugs South Montgomery

Haley Edwards Haley Edwards, PharmD
Harrison School of Pharmacy, 2014

“I enjoy talking with the patients and answering any questions they have about their medications. Working at Adams Drugs is very rewarding because we are community leaders and are always looking for ways to better our patients’ lives.”

Christopher Bowar Christopher Bowar, PharmD
Harrison School of Pharmacy, 2017

One reason I love working at Adams Drugs is because of our wonderful employees. They help me focus on the patients and their needs whether it be counseling them on their prescriptions or just a friendly chat.

Adams Drugs East Montgomery

Chris Phung Chris Phung, RPh.
Auburn University 1993

Chris enjoys interacting with his customers and assisting them with any and all questions they have regarding their prescriptions.

Andrea Wood Andrea Wood, Pharm D.
University of Florida School of Pharmacy in May 2006

"I enjoy getting to know the customers and their families and consulting them with any of their healthcare needs."

Amanda Fallon Amanda Fallon, PharmD
University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy, 2010

"I am proud to be an Adams Drugs pharmacist because of the relationship we cultivate with our customers and the community. I love being part of a team that strives to go the extra mile and provide the best care possible for our patients."

Adams Drugs on Perry Hill Road

Jeremy Nolan Jeremy Nolan, Pharm D.
McWhorter School of Pharmacy, 2014

“I love being an Adams Drugs pharmacist because we take pride in consulting with the patients and giving them every opportunity to ask questions about the medications they are taking. The patient’s needs come first at Adams Drugs"

Diane Pickett Diane Pickett, RPh.
Auburn University, 1980

“I am very thankful to be a part of the Adams Drugs family. I enjoy providing personal service, developing new relationships, and helping customers with their pharmacy needs."

Adams Drugs on Pine Level

Deb Hethcox Deb Hethcox, RPh.
Auburn University 1982

Deb enjoys having a wonderful support staff that makes her available to her patients at all times.

Adams Drugs on Taylor Road

Victoria Edwards Victoria Edwards, Pharm D.
Auburn University 2015

"I like working at Adams Drugs because we treat the patients like family. I really enjoy compounding prescriptions for those patients who have hard to treat conditions."

Adams Drugs on Vaughn Road

Lamar White Lamar White, RPh.
Auburn University 1990

Lamar enjoys helping his customers and getting to know them.

Herman Roehm Herman Roehm, RPh.
Auburn University 1976

Herman loves interacting with the customers, getting to know them and serving them. He also is appreciative of the support staff he has.

Stephanie Peavy Stephanie Peavy, Pharm D.
Samford University 2006

Stephanie's specialty is compounding and she loves helping the customers with any questions they may have about their compounds. Stephanie interacts with physician offices regarding compounded prescriptions, dosage information and easy dosing for the patient.

Adams Drugs Wetumpka

J.W. Waters J.W. Waters, Pharm D.
Auburn University 2009

"I love working for Adams Drugs because it is a family owned company whose main focus is customer care. It is rewarding to know the services we provide make a difference in patients' lives."

Joyce Dewar Joyce Bowar, RPh.
Auburn University 1980

Joyce values being part of a company where customers are a priority and employees are treated like family.

Adams Drugs Prattville

Robert "Bob" Stafford Robert "Bob" Stafford, RPh.
Auburn University 1980

Bob enjoys helping the customers with questions about their prescriptions and OTC items.

Cassie Boyd Kimberly Mitchell, Pharm D.
Harrison School of Pharmacy, 2010

"I love working at Adams Drugs because customer service is a priority. I am able to provide personalized service to our customers. I love working for a local, family owned pharmacy."

Adams Drugs Millbrook

Jack Wanschek Jack Wanschek, Pharm D.
McWhorter School of Pharmacy 2014

Melinda Peevy Melinda Peevy, RPh.
Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy 1993

"Adams Drugs is known for their knowledgeable, professional staff and I am so happy to become a part of the pharmacy team. I enjoy meeting and talking with all of the customers who visit the Millbrook store and commit to serving them with excellent customer service."

Medicine on Time

Kathy Lincoln Kathy Lincoln, RPh.
Auburn University, 1999

Kathy enjoys helping our patients manage their medications and says that it is rewarding to see change in the patient's lives because of Medicine On Time®.

Jim Smith Jim Smith, Director of Marketing
UAB 1984

The most rewarding aspect of my job is educating the healthcare community and patients on our services

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