Natural Hormones

Why Use Natural Hormones?

  1. Natural hormones match your own hormones exactly (are bioidentical).
  2. Natural hormones leave the body more quickly than synthetics, thereby not posing the same health risk.
  3. Natural hormones don’t have the side effects of standard HRT drugs if used at the proper dosage.
  4. Natural hormones are natural mood enhancers; progesterone can provide this benefit, while progestin can’t.
  5. Natural hormones can be individualized and custom tailored to meet individual hormone needs.
  6. Natural hormones don’t interfere with your own hormone production.
  7. Natural hormones don’t have the same long-term risks as synthetic, and are therefore much safer.
  8. Natural progesterone doesn’t inhibit the benefits of estrogen on lowering cholesterol, as does a progestin.
  9. Natural progesterone will not cause you to bleed for the duration of use of HRT, as can progestin.
  10. Natural progesterone may protect against breast cancer and reduces risks of endometrial cancer.
  11. Natural hormones can relieve perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.
  12. Natural hormones restore hormonal balance to the body.


6 Steps to Balance

For proper hormonal balance follow these six steps:

  1. Know the Facts
  2. Determine Your Own Symptoms
    of Hormone Imbalance
  3. Test Your Hormone Levels
    (Please consult with a physician)
  4. Find a Doctor Who Will Listen
  5. Balance Your Hormones Naturally
  6. Monitor Regularly

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